Sussex Healthcare’s Audiology Department Brings Better Hearing To Seniors

The ability to hear begins to decline with age. In fact, the majority of people over the age of 60 begin to experience a significant decline in the ability to understand a conversation at a normal audible level. However, one UK-based support home is using their innovative audiology expertise to help their seniors retain and improve their hearing.

Sussex Healthcare is one of the leading UK-based senior care facilities. Their audiology team, known as SHC Audiology, has a long track record in helping seniors in local communities such as Berkshire, Sussex, and Surrey. From primary assessment for age-related hearing degeneration to fitting of hearing aids and aftercare, SHC Audiology brings a full range of services to the community.

SHC Audiology is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) which is required by the IQIPS Standard. With overall oversight and licensing from The Royal College of Physicians (RCP), SHC Audiology maintains the highest standards in the assessment, treatment and follow-up care for their patients. Also, this accreditation ensures that SHC Audiology’s staff engage in continuing education to remain up-to-date on the latest techniques to treat age-related hearing loss.


“Well pleased with the outcome,” mentioned one senior patient who received care in the Spring of 2016. Another patient praised the staff at SHC Audiology. “Sharmila Reddy was most helpful,” mentioned another patient who also received treatment in the Spring of 2016. More patient feedback can be reviewed here under the heading, “See what our patients have to say about our service.”

Positive outcomes at SHC Audiology would not be possible without a staff of highly qualified and passionate professionals who work one-on-one with each patient. All healthcare professionals at SHC Audiology are given the required training and are regularly reviewed to ensure that their skills and techniques remain at the highest level.

As the population of the UK ages, there will be continuing demand for experts to combat age-related hearing loss. In fact, the senior population will rise from 11.6 million to over 15 million by the year 2030, many of whom will require care for their hearing loss. The SHC Audiology team at Sussex Healthcare is working hard to bring the world of sound back to our seniors across the UK.