The Operations Of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Industries is the most popular food supplier in the world who is best known for supplying quality protein products. The company has been able to make significant strides in the food industry for the past three decades.

The company’s history makes OSI Group an interesting corporation to learn about since it began from being a corner butcher shop to being the biggest food supplier in the United States and the entire world. The company that started as Otto & Sons started by having loyal clients in Chicago and after several years of hard work, the group now supplies fresh beef products to some of the popular brands like McDonald and Starbucks.

The Expansions and Operations of OSI Food Solutions

Ever since OSI was started, it has always maintained one major principle which is supplying quality products for their clients. This principle has enabled the company to maintain a lot of loyal customers for a long time. The OSI Group has various operations in the United States that include numerous industries that operate with the OSI Industries. The group supplies many products produced from their factories under different private brand labels. The group also has 8 factories in China that already working and 2 others that are under construction. The company’s China is growing so fast that is why the company has decided to construct more factories in order to keep their customers satisfied at all times.

For many years the group has also been able to capture a bigger market all over the world by partnering with the biggest foodservice and retail brands to provide them with the best and quality food products. Through these leading food service and retail food brands, OSI Food Solutions has been able to maintain their reputation as the best supplier of protein products all over the world. The OSI Food Solutions can also develop and deliver custom food to their consumers depending on the demand. According to them, they believe that service to the clients regardless of their terms is what keeps at the top in the food industry. OSI Group is also focused on making sure that they create opportunities for their clients to make profits through their products.

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