Understanding The Biotech And Pharmaceutical Industry Through JeanMarie Guenot

One company that recorded and experienced tremendous growth and positive results its Amphivena Therapeutics Inc. The Corporation is based in San Francisco, and it is being led by a woman identified as Jeanmarie Guenot. Though a woman, JeanMarie has been able to prove that what a man can do, a woman if given an opportunity can do even better. With what she has learned over the years both theoretically and life experience, she has been able to establish a name for herself something not many women have done. The reason behind Amphivena’s success is JeanMarie. She has shared her knowledge and what she has learned to help the firm discover the various ways of combating blood cancer and how to restore blood formation on takeda.com.

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By just looking at what JeanMarie has been able to achieve the years, you get to understand the pharmaceutical industry and how competitive it is. It is very competitive considering JeanMarie had to have more than ten years of work experience before joining Amphivena Therapeutics. She is well qualified and experienced in the corporate development and pharmaceutical R&D. Before joining the firm, Jeanmarie Guenot had ventured into various businesses including founding her very own startup ophthalmic company, SKS Ocular. While managing her business, she got involved in medical treatments which majorly involved inflammation and macular degeneration. To expand her knowledge in the industry, JeanMarie became a business advisor to Hoffman-La Roche considering she earned her MBA from the University of Pennsylvania.

As a business advisor, Guenot helped in the partnership between Hoffmann and PDL BioPharma which was one of JeanMarie’s biggest accomplishments. All these companies she has worked with have helped in sharpening and molding who Guenot is today. Joining the Amphivena team and getting an opportunity to lead the firm is proof enough that JeanMarie is a successful woman. Her accomplishments have been acknowledged with various accolades that boost her confidence. It is one thing to do something or to be part of something, but it’s a different thing to be acknowledged and awarded for the good work done. From what she has been able to achieve we can only say that Amphivena Therapeutics is lucky to be led by JeanMarie Guenot.

Find more about Jeanmarie Guenot: http://amphivena.com/amphivena_leaders/jeanmarie-guenot-ph-d/