Upwork Shares Top Tips to Improve Your To-Do List

The to-do list can often be intimidating, especially when it never seems to end. Upwork recently published a blog by ClickUp to help their readers reduce their stress and feelings of being overwhelmed by the daunting task of the to do list. The article titled “10 Powerful Tips for Sailing Through your To-Do List” details the ten ways to make each person’s to do list much more manageable.

Upwork is an online platform that creates a marketplace where businesses and freelancers can come together to collaborate. Freelancers in graphic design, web development, and writing can all easily find jobs and connect with clients while building the portfolio. However, doing so can often make the to-do list feel overwhelming. Upwork decided to create a list of the top ten ways to make freelancer’s to-do lists more manageable.

First, they suggest you write all of your tasks down. This can be important in preventing stress and keeping you focused. By writing down all of your tasks, your mind is free to focus on the work at hand instead of constantly thinking about all of the different things you need to do. Another tip they provide is placing all of the tasks in one place so they don’t slip through the cracks.

They also suggest you prepare the to-do list the night before. This allows you to focus as soon as you are ready to work instead of trying to figure out what you need to accomplish in the day. It is also important to attribute certain times to each task. This will enable you to know when you are starting each task and how long each one will take. In a similar vein, they suggest you assign energy attributes to each task as well, letting you spend your most productive time one the tasks that require the most energy.

Priorities are also important in accomplishing your to-do list. By creating priorities, you understand the urgency of each task, allowing you to place your most important task at the beginning of the day. Then, if something comes up in the middle of the day, it won’t affect what you needed to really accomplish that day.