Use Wi-Fi Service From FreedomPop To Always Have Unlimited Cell Phone Data

The important information listed in a recent FreedomPop review in 2016 is everything a potential customer needs to get started with FreedomPop. Listed in the review is information about cell phone service, Wi-Fi service, portable hotspots, and which cell phones to use with the service. It’s important that any person whose willing to join FreedomPop knows that they aren’t obligated to purchase a new cell phone to become a FreedomPop customer but are allowed to use their own cell phone that they may have used with another carrier. The only importance is that the cell phone must be unlocked if it’s a GSM phone.


The review puts a lot of importance on the free cell phone service from FreedomPop because of its popularity. The free plan has always been available since FreedomPop started years ago, and now, the only difference with the free plan is the fact that the text messages have changed from 500 texts to unlimited texts. There are still 200 minutes of talk time with the plan as well as 500 MB of data. The data that comes with the plan is 4G LTE data, and anyone can earn more data after completing offers or surveys.


FreedomPop isn’t only offering just the free service anymore because they’ve created the paid plan that costs $10.99 and has unlimited texting and calling as well as 500 MB of data. FreedomPop also created the unlimited everything plan that has unlimited data for their customers. With the unlimited everything plan, expect to receive only 1 GB of 4G LTE data but 3G data afterward. Since the unlimited everything plan only costs $19.99, many have chosen this plan and have made it the most popular plan from FreedomPop. There are no income restrictions for any of FreedomPop’s wireless plans.


Anyone looking for portable hotspots can find mini hotspots that FreedomPop sells, and any of them can be connected to the millions of hotspots that are located in the USA. Wi-Fi service that FreedomPop offers can be obtained once a user pays the five-dollar monthly fee for the service, which can be used on the new smartphones that have Wi-Fi calling features. Using the Wi-Fi service is also a good way for any customer of FreedomPop to get the extra data that the need for any cell phone service plan that they are currently using that may have limited data.

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